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Goldenhar Syndrome Support Network


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Goldenhar Syndrome Support Network Society
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January 22, 2006

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January 22, 2006

Goldenhar Syndrome Support Network Society


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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide Support and Information to families and individuals involved with Goldenhar Syndrome and its many related conditions.

(Please see Affected Systems for more information.)


I am not a Medical Professional.

I am the mother of a girl, born in 1995, with Goldenhar Syndrome. I run a support group for those persons who are involved with Goldenhar Syndrome.

Under no circumstances should this site, or any links found on it, be interpreted as medical advise. Each case of Goldenhar Syndrome is different and the information in these pages are just a guideline for you and your medical professionals to get an idea of what can be involved.